Our Journey


Ajay Maheshwari (Jakhotia) embodies the phrase - ‘Live Life Colourfully’. Born to a humble family in Jaipur, Jakhotia started his career with close to nothing to his name.

He started his career as a timber trader in a small village in the state of Bihar, India, which proved to be unsuccessful, so was his try in the cement business and in the steel industry too. Not one to be deterred by his failures, Jakhotia started trading colored gemstones in 1984, without any prior knowledge or connection in the industry. During the many international trips that he made while building his company, he fell in love with the city of Hong Kong and decided to settle there in 1987, soon establishing Kunming Trading Company in 1993.

While dealing in gemstones, he saw a global trend in fancy color diamonds. With a strong customer base, and a team whom he considers family, Jakhotia transformed his business in becoming one of Asia’s leading color diamond company.

Jakhotia’s son, Harsh completed his Masters in Luxury Management from the International University of Monaco followed by becoming a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, to finally join his father to expand into the North American region.

Today, the father-son duo continue their journey with 1 vision, in 6 cities, and participating in 15 exhibitions with over 50 member part of their Kunming family.

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