Our Passion

Kunming’s passion is diversified into five key segments: Certified and Argyle Pink Diamonds, Assorted Melee Service, Rose Cuts and Layout Services, as well as our Private Label, and an area for investment and consultancy for rare fancy colored diamonds. These functions, while independent of each other, are unified by a customer driven approach and strengthened by the passion to spread the knowledge of colored diamonds. This dynamic structure, along with our international base, helps us to identify and capitalize on opportunities as and when they arise.


GIA Certified & Argyle Pink Diamonds

Kunming's worldwide procurement operations means that we can offer a kaleidoscopic range of fine GIA certified diamonds. With an extensive inventory, we are able to meet orders promptly, efficiently, and to extremely high standards. Kunming has a diverse collection of GIA certified bubblegum pinks, deep ocean blues, bright marigold yellows, and fresh tropical greens ranging from 0.10 carats up to 15 carats.

Kunming has the great privilege of being invited as one of the few candidates to view and participate in the annual Argyle Pink Diamond Tender. We provide access for our clients to a limited number of rare diamonds from Rio Tinto’s diamond mine in Western Australia.

Assorted Melee Service

Kunming proudly offers a full range of skillfully assorted naturally colored diamond star/melee in various colors, shades, and sizes to fulfill every demand and service globally. We are the pioneers to provide an extensive assorted list of melee to fulfill the exact shade and size our clients need.

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Rose Cuts, Side Stones and Layout Service

Kunming carries a wide selection of rose cut and unique cut stones in a full spectrum of colors, size and clarities.

From matching pairs to complete bracelet and necklace layouts, our expert team can help achieve your specific criteria. From half-moons and trillions, to tapered baguettes, out innovative cutting and calibrating services will suit our client's demands.

Private Jewelry

In addition to loose stones, Kunming offers an exclusive bespoke jewelry collection, which features one-of-a-kind and completely hand-made artistic masterpieces. We employ our creativity and perfectly mastered craftsmanship to continuously surprise our clients and offer them the objects that they desire.


Investment and Consultation

Historically, diamonds have served as a way to preserve wealth and pass it along to future generations. Kunming's existing clients and first-time diamond investors who are interested in investing in diamonds or learning more about this extraordinary niche can take advantage of our consulting services to better understand diamonds as a hard asset class.

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