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About Kunming

Kunming Trading Company specializes in natural fancy colored diamonds, offering a kaleidoscopic range of commercial and investment-grade diamonds in all colors and sizes. We have become one of Asia’s largest suppliers, with a diverse collection of bubblegum pinks, deep ocean blues, bright marigold yellows, and fresh tropical greens. These stones come in all hues and saturations - from the star and melee up to 15 carats sourced from Australia, Brazil, India, Russia, and Africa. 

Our customer base is built upon quality relationships that will continue to grow by serving and working towards the desired goal - to ‘Live Life Colorfully’. Trust, along with a strong relationship between us and our clientele, is a result of years of committed service. 

Kunming participates in over fifteen international diamond and jewelry exhibitions including those in Hong Kong, Basel, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. Kunming Trading Company is headquartered in the heart of Hong Kong, in addition to its offices in Bangkok (Thailand), Kofu (Japan), Sydney (Australia), and New York (USA).

Kunming Values
Customer is King

At Kunming, we listen to our customers and match their desires with Kunming’s passion – natural fancy color diamonds. We have based our company on the needs and wants of our customers. Trust along with a strong relationship between Kunming and their clients is a result of their years of committed service. We take pride in what we do, and we are passionate in providing our customers with the best buying experience.

Trust and Transparency

We guarantee the authenticity of the natural color for every stone. We have established a reputation for trust, transparency, and dedication to customer satisfaction for over the past three decades.

Ethical Sourcing

Kunming only carries the very finest natural colored diamonds. We assure you that all of our diamonds sold to any company are natural, earth-mined, and conflict-free.
Along with the global diamond industry, Kunming has a zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We do not keep treated colored diamonds, laser-drilled and fracture filled, or CVD, and we purchase our goods from only respected suppliers.

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