Kunming's People

Lifelong employability for our members is a goal we set for ourselves and a responsibility we take seriously. We value our clients as well as employees as family. Our corporate culture is made up of family values. If you’re looking to join a team whose passion and fascination for the diamond and jewelry industry goes hand in hand with a shared compassion and dedication as ours, we invite you to explore the opportunities Kunming has to provide.

Kunming's World

Our world consists with a wide range of diverse cultures, geographic locations, product divisions, and managerial departments that allow each member of the group extraordinary career opportunities. Each office functions as an international business with a small family feel that is led by an entrepreneurial spirit and admiration for ethics. 

With over 30 years of history, we have the future in mind as we invite you to join us and write the next chapter in the history of Kunming's world.

Recruitment is an essential source of fresh energy for Kunming, and therefore it is a strategic pillar in their guiding principle. Supporting talent and encouraging creativity are part and parcel of the Kunming vision. If you are interested in working with us, kindly send us your detailed resume.

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